Green¶en Editing

Your project deserves a fresh pair of eyes.

I'm an experienced line editor, copy editor, and proofreader who edits academic manuscripts, fiction, and tabletop games. I work with academics, publishers, independent authors, and game designers.

Are you a faculty member or student?
I can help with things like restructuring your journal article, reducing the word count of your grant proposal, or copyediting your dissertation.

You can find more information on the academic editing services I offer.

Are you a fiction author?
I offer several services for fiction, including line editing or copyediting of manuscripts, proofreading of typeset text, and beta or cold reading.

Learn more about what is included in my fiction content and editorial services.

Are you a tabletop game designer?
I'll use my many years' experience playing and play testing games—combined with my expertise as an editor—to ensure your game is production ready and offers a smooth playing experience!

Find out what I can do for your tabletop game.

A photo of Bailey—she has long, curled hair; is wearing the brightest blue frames you can imagine and a teal shirt; and may-or-may-not be smiling (it's hard to tell). Behind her on the wall are some clouds (made of cork, painted white).


I'm a recovering academic, a bookbinder, and a board game connoisseur. I bring a wide range of experience to my work, including a PhD in genetics and a background in forensic science and psychology; an internship at a body farm; a decade living in Europe; an intense obsession with anything related to books; and an inconveniently expensive board gaming habit.